Industrias Pardo. Hospital stretcher “ATICA”

AM development has been responsible for the realization of the design, intervening both in the aesthetic aspect and general configuration, and in the development of all the structural and mechanical systems of the product. All this work has been done in a coordinated manner with the technical team of Industrias Pardo.

The main feature is that the lifting / lowering system is realized by two columns with hydraulic linear actuators.

In addition to this point we have worked to provide the product with the most complete functionality possible. It has a system of backrest and limb articulation through gas actuators, which facilitates this task and also allows the chair position.

The stretchers of the stretcher have been solved with some pieces made of plastic, being the same piece for the head and feet area. They have a horizontal handle in all its width, in addition to two lateral and retractable handles. The rounded shapes and surface finish give it a pleasant touch, as well as facilitating the cleaning of a high handling area.

Different groups of users have been taken into account, on the one hand, the patients as passive users, and on the other hand the hospital staff, on the one hand the medical and nursing staff and on the other hand the support staff, such as auxiliaries and caretakers.

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