Ibernex. IP communication device

AM Development has been in charge of shaping this new product of Ibernex, for this purpose its functional and formal characteristics have been taken into account. It has been provided with a simple line, rounded at the ends, so that it is visually integrated, in addition to having an easy cleaning, an important aspect for product maintenance.

The company Ibernex, belonging to the Pikolin group, specializes in the development and integration of technological solutions and services for health and equipment for high-occupancy buildings.

One of its “Helnex” business lines, integrates a whole system for the care of patients in health and geriatric centers.

Within this line, a new patient-nurse call terminal with IP communication technology has been developed.

The fundamental characteristic lies in the incorporation of a 7 ”touch screen, through which it interacts with the terminal in its different functions.

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